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of high school students identify as transgender. [1]


of transgender youth who have an adult in their family they could turn to [3]


of transgender youth will attempt suicide. [1]


of transgender youth are bullied at school. [1]


of transgender youth felt sad or hopeless within the last 30 days. [2]


of transgender youth who feel their families are supportive of them. [3]

[1] Michelle Johns, Richard Lowry, Jack Andrzejewski, et al. Jan 25, 2019. “Transgender Identity and Experiences of Violence Victimization, Substance Use, Suicide Risk, and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among High School Students — 19 States and Large Urban School Districts, 2017.” [2] The Trevor Project, Feb 22, 2019 "Data on Transgender Youth." [3] Gender Spectrum & HRC’s 2014 “Supporting and Caring for Our Gender Expansive Youth 

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