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Crisis Assistance Micro Grants

All across Florida, transgender individuals confront mounting obstacles accessing vital medical care, despite recent court rebukes of the state's approach to gender-affirming health services. State medical boards have introduced stricter rules, compelling psychological evaluations, frequent suicide risk assessments, and ongoing counseling for transgender minors. Moreover, new statewide bans prevent minors from initiating gender-affirming care and affecting long-term patient’s continuity of care. These constraints not only hamper care but also risk reducing available gender-affirming care providers due to medical professionals' ability to refuse care based on personal beliefs.


The FitzLane Project has partnered with Pineapple Healthcare and Brave Space Psychology to offer critical assistance to Florida's transgender youth community (under the age of 18) with a limited number of micro grants. Pineapple Healthcare's financial contribution enables free psychological evaluations and letter-writing services, while Dr. Dani Rosenkrantz, a licensed psychologist, provides complimentary sessions for minors under 18 to reduce barriers to continued care. This initiative aims to bridge gaps left by restrictive regulations, empowering transgender individuals through emotional and psychological support. The project addresses challenges, advocates for change, and provides practical solutions, embodying its mission to uplift marginalized communities.


The FitzLane Project, in collaboration with Pineapple Healthcare and Brave Space Psychology, stands as a beacon against barriers faced by marginalized groups. By offering free services with expert psychological sessions, we are actively working to provide solutions imposed by Florida's recent legislation. In doing so, it fosters a community where transgender individuals find understanding, resilience, and essential care for a more fulfilling life.

If you already have a psychologist you work with, please make a note in your application below.

Important Note: These Crisis Assistance Micro Grants are intended for youth under 18 who have been affected by the legislation requiring them to undergo a psychological evaluation in order to continue receiving their HRT medication.


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The intake form is completed and submitted by the individual seeking assistance, their legal guardian, or another trusted adult. This allows The FitzLane Project to gain necessary information to grant financial assistance and setup appointment with Dr. Dani.


The FitzLane Project reviews intake form

A FitzLane Project staff member will review the form and provide an update to the individual who submitted the form within two business days. 

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Form on Clipboard


Sign Micro Grant Agreement

The individual seeking assistance, legal guardian (if applicable), Dr. Dani, and an officer from The FitzLane Project will review and sign a financial assistance agreement. This document could include, but is not limited to parties involved, session funding limitation,, approximate timeframe, etc.


Initial appointment is scheduled

Dr. Dani will reach out directly to their new client, or legal guardian if applicable, to schedule the initial appointment. The FitzLane Project is no longer involved in any of the communication between the provider and their client. 

The FitzLane Project will not receive any medical information from the provider. Communication between Dr. Dani and The FitzLane Project will be limited to a generic invoice with date of the session necessary for payment.

Signing a Contract

Apply for Crisis Assistance Micro Grants


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