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How It Works

The FitzLane Project will provide funding for 13 LGBTQIA+ specialized therapeutic sessions with a mental health provider of their choice. If the individual does not have a preferred provider, The FitzLane Project will provide an individual within our network of therapists who closely matches the specifications provided on the initial application for assistance. 


At the conclusion of the 13 sessions, an individual is eligible to reapply for additional financial assistance. 



The intake form is completed and submitted by the individual seeking assistance, their legal guardian, or another trusted adult. This allows The FitzLane Project to gain necessary information in grant financial assistance and find a compatible licensed mental health counselor. 


The FitzLane Project reviews intake form

A FitzLane Project staff member will review the form and provide an update to the individual who submitted the form within two business days. In some situations, more information may need to be obtained prior to providing financial assistance and/or matching with a provider. 

Copying Down
Form on Clipboard


Mental Health Provider identified

Based on the answers provided during the application process, The FitzLane Project staff will work to match the individual seeking therapy with a LGBTQIA+ specialized mental health provider who closely resembles their preferences and has immediate availability.


Sign support agreement

The individual seeking assistance, legal guardian (if applicable), mental health provider, and an officer from The FitzLane Project will review and sign a financial assistance agreement. This document could include, but is not limited to parties involved, number of funded sessions, approximate timeframe, etc.

Signing a Contract
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Initial appointment is scheduled

The mental health provider will reach out directly to their new client, or legal guardian if applicable, to schedule the initial appointment. The FitzLane Project is no longer involved in any of the communication between the provider and their client. 

The FitzLane Project will not receive any medical information from the provider. Communication between the provider and The FitzLane Project will be limited to a generic bill with date of each therapeutic session necessary for payment.


Session Assessment

Towards the end of the 13 funded LGBTQIA+ specialized therapeutic sessions, the provider and client will work together to determine if additional services are necessary. If so, the individual can choose to continue therapeutic sessions and self-pay, or they may reapply for additional funding through The FitzLane Project.

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